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Commonly used in home Soda Machines, Slushies, Milk Shakes, over Ice Cream and as a Flavoured Sweetener in coffee, you are only limited by your imagination. 


Well, true to tradition they are Sugar Syrups….. Flavoured! Based on Bundaberg Cane Sugar, grown right here in Queensland, we produce around 30 different flavours to enjoy any way you like. Often referred to as ‘Cordials’, our range includes all of the Soft Drink flavours plus many others, some of which are available nowhere else.

Flavoured Syrup Serving SugGestions

How to use!


Mix as strong or as weak as you like, perfect in cocktails, baking or just a dash in ice cold water or Soda. These flavours are concentrated and many come from our original recipe books, so go easy at first until you find your perfect mix.

Available in a stylish 700 ml bottle and, for the true believers, in 5 litre drums! There are too many flavours to describe in detail so refer to the table above for serving suggestions. Can’t make up your mind? All flavours are available in 100 ml sample bottles, so try a few without breaking the bank. (Minimum order of 10 x 100ml sample bottles)


Fruit Tingle Flavoured Syrup

FRUIT TINGLE & Watermelon

Fruit Tingle:

Following on from the unprecedented success with Fruit Tingle in our Slush Machine, this amazing flavour is now available in 700 ml bottles, 5 litre drums and of course, the 100 ml sampler. Combining Lemon, Raspberry, Orange and Mandarin in the one Syrup, you will find it perfect as a mixer in Cocktails, Soda Stream or just an ice-cold cordial. Early sales are pointing towards a bit of a hit!


Our newest addition and a personal project of our Syrup Maker; Eli. Hoping to appeal to the younger generations, he has combined Natural Flavours with Bundaberg Cane Sugar to produce a life-like Watermelon flavour. You don’t have to be ‘young’ to enjoy this flavour, just young at heart. Like the Fruit Tingle, it is perfect as a Cocktail mixer and almost anything else you can imagine!  Give it a try, we’d love to hear what you think!