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Premium Soft Drink Flavours

Available in 330mL glass bottles

We manufacture a wide range of old fashioned soft drink flavours. From the always popular Double Sarsaparilla, to the old fashioned vanilla flavoured Creaming Soda, to the unique mix of flavours that makes our Portabello. We almost certainly have a flavour to suit your taste. Most importantly, we do not add any artificial preservatives to any of our soft drink products. Please note that Lemon Squash, Lemon Lime and Bitters, and West Indian Lime do contain trace amounts of preservatives contained in the juice concentrates that we use.

All of our products are available Australia-wide via TNT. Minimum order quantity and freight charges apply. Please call for an obligation free quote. Alternatively, check out you local cafe, corner store, fast-food shop, or IGA. If they do not stock our products, ask them to check out our product range!

Portabello Image


Our newest creation with the old fashioned "portello" flavour. What flavour is that? Try it and let us know what you think it tastes like! Coloured deep purple, no preservatives.

Lemonade Image


Traditional lemonade flavour, crystal clear and no artificial colours or preservatives. Ideal for those wanting to avoid artificial colours & preservatives.

Creaming Soda Image

Creaming Soda

Traditional vanilla flavour, very popular with all age groups. Finely carbonated for that original creamy taste. Coloured yellow, no preservatives.

Soda Water Image

Soda Water

Just plain old fashioned carbonated water. Refreshing, popular on its own or as a mixer. No colours.

Blue Lemonade Image

Blue Lemonade

Traditional lemonade flavour, very popular with children and great in ice cream sodas (spiders). Coloured bright blue, no preservatives.

Cola Image

Crow's Cola

Real cola flavour, and is a great Australian alternative to cola with no artificial preservatives or colours. This product contains caffeen.

Cherry Cheer Image

Cherry Cheer

Cherry flavour, very popular with children and great in ice cream sodas (spiders). Coloured red, no preservatives.

Lemon Squash Image

Lemon Squash

Traditional real lemon flavour with 5% lemon juice, with no artificial colours, no added preservatives. Contains trace preservatives from concentrate.

Lime Image


Original green lime flavour, popular with a wide age group and great in ice cream sodas. Coloured bright green, no preservatives.

Ginger Beer Image

Ginger Beer

Great, refreshing ginger flavour which is popular with adults. Bottles in traditional amber bottles. No preservatives.

Double Sarsaparilla Image

Double Sarsaparilla

Sarsaparilla flavour with aniseed for that traditional taste, popular with a wide age group. Naturally coloured black, no preservatives.

Raspberry Image


The old fashioned raspberry flavour that all ages can enjoy. Coloured red with no preservatives.

Lemon Lime and Bitters Image

Lemon Lime and Bitters

Lemon lime and bitters flavour, refreshing with real Angostura Bitters. Bottled in clear bottles and has no artificial colours.

Mandarin Image


Refreshing, fruity manderin flavour which is popular with a broad age group. Deep orange in colour, no preservatives.

West Indian Lime Image

West Indian Lime

Refreshing taste of real lime juice (5%). Very popular with adults and as a mixer. No artificial colours, contains trace preservatives from juice.